Safety Under Her Mantle

“We pray to Our Lady to protect us, and in times of spiritual turbulence the safest place is under the mantle of Our Lady.  She is the mother who takes care of the Church.  And in this time of martyrs, she is the protagonist, the protagonist of protection:  She is the Mother. (…) Let us state with faith:  ‘Mother, the Church is under your protection:  Care for the Church.’ ”   – Pope Francis, From his homily  04/15/2013

God Alone!

What ill or evil, Lord, can harm
This joyous heart that You alone can charm?
I love You more with every breath
So how can I fear life or death?
To love You, Father, is to live and sing
The songs the angels sing their King.
God alone in every cell of me!
God alone! For all eternity!
– St Louis Marie de Montfort

The Land of Carmel

IMG_0002Those who wear the Scapular are thus brought into the land of Carmel, so that they may “eat of its fruits and its good things” (cf.Jer 2:7), and experience the loving and motherly presence of Mary in their daily commitment to be clothed in Jesus Christ and to manifest him in their life for the good of the Church and the whole of humanity (cf. “Formula of Enrolment in the Scapular”,cit.).


Excerpt from the book The Scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Catechesis and Ritual

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